Support Principles

We believe…

  • being a valued, participating member of a community improves
    quality of life.
  • everyone has the right to live with dignity in an enriching environment.
  • in encouraging and assisting individuals to make their own decisions, including the supports that are right for them.
  • family and friends play an important role in supporting and advocating for loved ones.
  • in supporting individuals to strengthen their relationships with family and friends.
  • in the development of communities that are interdependent, mutually supportive, and responsive to the needs of all members.
  • individuals have the right to those supports necessary to be active and valued members of the community.
  • funding should be based on the individual√≠s needs.
  • continuous quality improvement and innovation are integral to improving support.

Note: these statements are Board driven; they represent commitments to the individuals we support.

Operational Principles

We believe…

  • trust, honesty and mutual respect are fundamental for people to work together effectively.
  • teamwork and participation are essential and promote belonging, self-worth and commitment.
  • creativity and innovation are necessary to achieve excellence.
  • in the expression and discussion of differing views.
  • every staff member has valuable contributions to make to the organization and a responsibility to support individuals in their growth and development.
  • delegation of responsibility must be accompanied by the associated authority to make decisions.
  • supported individuals affected by a decision must be involved in the decision making process.
  • in recognizing the efforts and achievements of staff members.

Note: these statements represent Management commitments.