PHSS supports individuals with significant physical and/or developmental disabilities. Participation House recognizes the special attributes of each individual and their unique characteristics. PHSS tailors the support offered to meet each individual’s needs.

Many of the people we support have very complex needs, including people who are ventilator dependent. We have highly skilled and dedicated staff who are committed to our mission and vision and the provision of a safe, caring and enriching environment for those we support.

The goal of Participation House Support Services is to work in partnership with individuals and their families, friends. and community. Participants are encouraged to be active decision-makers in determining the role they wish to play in their community. Individuals have the freedom to change their support options as required

“The men, women and children we support have very unique gifts and talents, but until you get to know them, you don’t see those gifts. They can teach us so many things if we only take the time to listen. Ultimately, our goal is to make the community a better place by bringing them into it more fully. It’s all about people valuing each other.”

Brian Dunne, Executive Director