Currently, Participation House Foundation – London has two endowed funds established to provide ongoing, continuous support in the areas of housing and accessibility, education and training, and advocacy for individuals with disabilities. Income from these funds will be used to further the mission of Participation House Support Services by encouraging and creating an inclusive community.

These two funds have reached the ten year mark. At this time the interest accured on these funds may be disbursed. The Foundation Board established a committee to determine the process for the disbursements of the earned interest of these funds.

Click here to download and print the Endowment Fund Application Form and instructions.

Brian Dunne Housing & Accessibility Fund

This fund was established by friends of Brian Dunne, the Executive Director of Participation House Support Services, to further his dream of home-based support and community access for everyone who wishes it.

Elizabeth Leighton Training & Education Fund

Friends and family of Elizabeth Leighton, President of Participation House Foundation, marked her 60th birthday with the establishment of this endowed fund. Income from the fund will provide training and education for those supported by PHSS as well as staff who provide support.