Over $24,700 Raised at 15th Annual Salute to  Laudable Londoners, honouring Janet and Jamie Caskey

Event Newsletter and picture gallery – Salute to Laudable Londoners 2014s

April 29, 2014 marked the 15th Annual Salute to Laudable Londoners—this year shining the spotlight on Janet and Jamie Caskey.

The London Hunt and Country Club once more opened its doors to welcome over 200 of London’s best as they gathered to raise a glass and acknowledge the tremendous achievements of Janet and Jamie.

Janet and Jamie represent the quintessential philanthropic couple—London born and raised, their names are closely connected to dozens of fundraising initiatives, charitable committees and volunteer Boards.

Bill Brady, along with his wife Mary Ann, first recipient of the Laudable Londoners title and MC of nearly every Laudable event thereafter, welcomed the crowd and kept everyone on the edge of their seats with razor-sharp humor and insights.

Judith Rodger, Scott Ritchie and Jim Virtue, long time friends and colleagues of the Caskeys, reflected with fond memories on many of their stories accumulated in the years of friendship with Janet and Jamie respectively.

Sarah Caskey took the podium as the last guest speaker and spoke on behalf of the four Caskey daughters. Though her wit she fondly recalled the times her parents encouraged and instilled   philanthropy, work ethic and dedication to social justice and responsibility within each of them.

Gary Jazey, Board Member of Participation House Foundation thanked all attendees for their generosity and spoke of how 2014 marks yet another year of growth for Participation House — as we embark on building a brand new day program—designed to lessen the pressures on parents as their special needs children graduate the school system and face a daily routine with no extra supports.

Our new Day Program location will  ensure more opportunity for those   special individuals to pursue their dreams and explore their talents, expanding on our legacy of a thriving agency with over 51 locations within London and Area and 350 staff providing support and care to the over 300 individuals who call Participation House home.

It is on behalf of these amazing individuals that we extend our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who not only helped us honour Janet and Jamie Caskey for all that they do throughout the London community, but contributed to our great cause as well—ensuring that the most vulnerable members of our community are not only embraced but set up for long term success.

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Event Background:

Our Salute to Laudable Londoners began in 2000 as a friend- and fund-raiser showcasing some of the incredible philanthropists residing in London and Area.

Following the year Londonís radio personality, Bill Brady and Mary Ann were honoured, Bill has served as the Master of Ceremonies for this event. It has been our pleasure to shine a light on the amazing work the following individuals have done and continue to do in London, in many different circles of need – from Healthcare to the Arts.

Bill and Mary Ann Brady (2000),

Richard and Beryl Ivey (2001),

Andy and Helen Spriet (2002),

Ross Batson (2003),

Peter and Libby Fowler (2004),

Angus and Jean McKenzie (2005),

Jane Roy and Glen Pearson (2006),

Helen Connell (2007),

Peter Garland and Ann Hutchison (2008),

Ron and June Dawson (2009),

Bob and Debbie Schram (2010),

Paul and Sandi Caplan (2011)

Donna & Bob Bourne and Linda & Cec Rorabeck (2012) and

Bob and Shelly Siskind (2013)

Janet and Jamie Caskey (2014)



  • April 29, 2014
  • 5:30 - 7:30pm; Presentation at 6:30pm
  • London Hunt and Country Club. 1431 Oxford Street West, London.